March 2024

Turtle Chips "Cheddar Cheese"


The theme of these chips is a little confusing to me. They’re called Turtle Chips and there’s a picture of a turtle on the package, but the chips themselves don’t really look like turtles at all. On the package I can kind of see how they might look like turtles, but the chips I got in the package look nothing like the chips on the package. The chips in the package are short tubes with weird wrinkles inside them. The only thing I can think that these chips look like in reality is a cow’s intestines chopped up. I imagine that wouldn’t make as good a marketing idea for potato chips, so I guess turtle it is.

The good news is that the rather peculiar shape does make for a nice crunch. It’s like having several chips all folded together. So as a design it works as a snack, even though it doesn’t work as a turtle. While the design is pretty good, there are a few problems with these chips that don’t hold up to the great snack design.

The texture and flavour are both a little weak. Texture wise, the chip is just way too thin. It almost falls apart the minute you put it in your mouth. I would want a much more durable chip to make the awesome crunch from the well designed shape shine a bit more. As it stands now, it feels delicate, and several of the chips were broken in my bag because they’re so thin. The flavour was also a little disappointing, or more precisely bland. The cheese flavour really didn’t impress me, and even the potato flavour was dull.

These chips were interesting, tasty enough, but could have been so much better. If I could have a chip similar to a nacho cheese Dorito, with this design, I think it would be the perfect cheese chip.