Turtles "Bites"


There's the famous saying, “size doesn't matter”, but I beg to differ. When it comes to candy, size can matter a lot. It can matter for more than just the reason that you want more candy for your buck as well. The actual size of each portion or bite of candy can change a candy as well. These Turtles “Bites” are a great example of just that idea.

Regular Turtles are a classic chocolate candy that have got the ratio of chocolate to caramel to pecan down pretty good. You never really get the feeling that one ingredient is more predominant than another. You'd think that it would be simple to simple shrink this treat down and it should be exactly the same, only bite sized. The problem is that there's a certain amount of engineering that goes into making a chocolate treat. There has to be enough caramel to keep the whole thing stuck together, you can only make the chocolate so thin before it starts to lose its strength, and pecans are only available in one particular size, so you might have to use smaller pieces. All of these factors seem to make this particular variation on the classic Turtle chocolate not as good as the original.

The biggest problem is the size of the caramel glob, it's way too big. It feels like a balloon of caramel on top of a few broken pieces of pecan nuts. The chocolate also feels a little too powerful, but it's hard to tell with all that caramel. The main message here is that the pecans are really lost in these mini Turtles. While I can't totally complain, since I love caramel, I just think there's something really nice about the balance of the original Turtles, and this doesn't have it.