TV Bar


There's one really odd thing about the TV bar. On the package it claims to be coconut and rice crisps covered in milk chocolate. I can't argue that these ingredients are in this bar, but what I can't figure out is why they put the word “coconut” first on the description. Every bite of this bar is a crispy chocolate mouthful, but there's really only a hint of coconut. In fact, had it not mentioned it on the package, I might have had a hard time figuring out what that extra flavour might be.

Other than this lack of coconut, this bar is pretty average. Although it felt more like a granola bar than a candy bar with the amount of rice crisps and slight coconut flavour. It’s really hard to write anything more about this bar because this bar really isn't that unique or impressive. It's not a bad bar and it tastes fine; it just doesn't stick out in any way.

These kinds of treats are really difficult to review because I have nothing good or bad to say about this bar. The only thing I can say about this bar is that it’s pretty boring, and I wouldn’t suggest seeking it out for any reason. If you come across one, and you’re looking for a quick sweet snack it’s fine, I guess.