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Taste: 4.5

Texture: 4

Novelty: 5

All scores out of 5

Cadbury "Twirl"... A two stick chocolate bar... Is this going to be a "Twix" rip off? The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this treat was the similarities this bar had to a Nestle Twix bar, at least in appearance and name. Fortunately general appearance and name are the only thing this bar has in common with Twix. This assumption that it was going to be exactly the same worked in my favour. Since I assumed it was going to be a Twix bar, when I didn't get it, but got something equally, if not better, I was overjoyed.

The Twirl is aptly named because it has a twirl of chocolate in the center. Although twirl might be the wrong way to put it, it's more of a fold of chocolate, but I'm sure naming the bar "Fold" wouldn't sell as many bars. It's kind of like two small chocolate covered flake bars. The chocolate in both the coating and the folded chocolate is spectacular and of a very high quality. So high that the bar melted a little in my fingers.

The texture is slightly crumbly, because of the folded center, but smooth, because of the high quality chocolate. This is a fine bar, and a great bar to share with a friend.