Twix "Cookies & Creme"


When I first saw this candy bar, I was a little doubtful. It seemed like there was no way that Mars could add cream to a Twix bar and still keep the spirit of the Twix bar. This is a common problem with candy bars that offer new varieties, they either lose the spirit of the original, or don’t go far enough with the new flavours and textures. After writing that I’ve realized that I’ve probably set very high expectations for this kind of treat, but since these companies have millions to spend on research and development, why not.

The thing about this Twix bar is that it actually did a pretty good job and covering both. There is no way that you would doubt that this is a Twix bar, and it certainly has elements of cookies and creme. The thing I never thought about when I jumped to my conclusions is that the base of the Twix is a cookie. So right off the bat it covers half of the description. Having said that, the cookie part of cookies and creme bars is often the easiest, but it was nice that Mars changed these from their standard cookie into a chocolate cookie. The part I was most doubtful of however was the creme. Judging by the package it appears they’ve exchanged the caramel with a cookie filled creme. This made me worried at first, but after the first bite I was completely fine with it. The good news is it appears that they haven’t completely eliminated the caramel, there seems to be a thin line of caramel between the creme and the cookie. The other surprise was the texture of the creme. The creme was a little closer to a nougat, and because of the chewy nature of nougat, it fills in for the caramel very well.

If I had to find complaint with this bar it would be the creme flavour. I feel like it could have been a little bit stronger. As it stands it doesn’t taste like a traditional Twix, but it also doesn’t scream creme either. The other thing I would change about this bar is the cookie bits in the creme. I just feel like it’s completely unnecessary when you have a long stick of cookie right below to add cookie bits into the cream as well.

I’m not sure if this bar is better than a classic Twix, but it’s a great little twist and works really well. I feel like it could be tweaked just a bit and would equal or maybe even better than the original.