Twix "Fino"


So, instead of changing the goop, in most cases caramel, in the Twix bar, Mars has decided to mess with the cookies instead. Right off the bat I can say that I'm happy about this because it tells me that they're thinking a little outside the box. Most of the time candy bar companies choose to change their top goop, or chocolate flavour, instead of thinking of creative ways to deal with the bars main theme.

In the case of Twix, the main theme is a cookie with caramel and chocolate. Seeing as many bars already have chocolate and caramel, the folks at Mars decided that they should try a new type of cookie to change thing ups a bit with the Twix. Instead of a solid cookie they went for one of those Italian type rolled up cookies.

For the most part the Twix Fino’s taste is completely the same as the regular Twix, however the texture is very different. It's a lot lighter than the regular Twix and the feeling you get when you crunch it, as well as the sound, is completely different. I won't go so far as to say I like this bar better than the original Twix, in fact I'll even say I don't like it as much. I will also say that I love the fact that they went out on a limb, and I think some people may prefer this bar, particularly if you like a more subtle cookie texture.