Twix "Santa"


This isn’t the first oddly shaped Twix bar that I’ve ever tried, and it suffers a little in the same way. The problem is that it has is an identity problem, it just doesn’t feel like a Twix bar. It feels more like a chocolate covered cookie with caramel on top. While one might say that this is how you could describe a Twix bar, these are a little different. I feel like Twix does an interesting balancing act between being a cookie and being a candy bar. The two key factors to this are the shape of the sticks, and the ratio of ingredients. This Twix Santa is shaped like a cookie, and the ratio of ingredients seems a little different. If I was to guess I would say that there’s a little more chocolate and a little less caramel.

If you’re to take away the fact that it really doesn’t feel like a Twix bar, I think these Santa Clause cookies are pretty good. While the ratio of ingredients seems a little off, compared to a Twix, it still works well. There’s no ingredient that seems to dominate. The cookie gives it a nice crunch, the chocolate and caramel are soft and give this some great flavour. The quality of ingredients is fairly average for Canadian chocolate bars, but that’s not too bad compared to many other bars and cookies out there in the world.

I think if you’re a die-hard Twix fan, and you’re expecting these to be exactly the same as Twix (only in a fund Santa shape), you’ll be disappointed. I think if you’re a Twix fan and you just want something that has cookies, caramel and chocolate and tastes great, you’ll be very happy. As an extra note, my Santa was a little bit melted, so the face was a little messed up, but I could tell that the design was actually pretty good. It’s nice that they didn’t just scrape in a picture of Santa’s face into a round cookie. It felt like there was some care given to the look of this chocolate treat.