March 2024



Twizzlers Filled Twists "Orange Cream Pop"


Before I write this review I just want to point out something kind of funny on the package. Under the words “Orange Cream Pop” it says in small letters “Artificially Flavoured”. I know that this means there is likely no cream or orange in this candy, but a funny scenario went through my mind when I first read this. I imagined that these Twists contained no melted Orange Creamsicles. It’s kind of silly, but not unrealistic.

It makes sense because these chewy twists are both orangy and creamy. I would describe the orange as being a fairly fake orange flavour, pretty much what you’d expect from an Orange Creamsicle. The creaminess which came from a thick goop stuffed into the centre of these twists was also pretty good. In general I’d say that they matched the Orange Creamsicle or “orange flavoured pop” flavour pretty well.

The texture was obviously not there at all. Most importantly it was lacking in the cold department. This was good because they likely would have melted, but I feel like it’s an important part of an Orange Creamsicle. The orange twists were also a little peculiar texture wise. I was expecting them to have the same texture as the classic red or black Twizzlers, but they didn’t. These orange Twists were much softer and in many cases limp compared to their red and black cousins. I’m not really sure why Twizzlers decided to do this.

The more flavours of Twizzlers I eat the more I realize that this format of candy really works well with multiple flavours. I also liked the addition of a creamy centre, particularly how it worked with the theme of the Creamsicle.