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Twizzlers Twists "Strawberry"


When I get a bag of Twizzlers I generally have a pretty good idea about what I’m getting into. Texture wise I feel like these are pretty satisfying. There’s something that makes my mouth happy to really gnaw into a rope of a rubber like substance. While I’m sure the people at Twizzlers might argue that these are nothing like rubber, I feel like it’s an argument they shouldn’t disagree with. I say this because I’ve chewed rubber and it’s very satisfying, particularly when it’s soft enough rubber that you can actually bite through it a bit.

Flavour wise I have a couple of problems. Don’t get me wrong, these taste exactly like red licorice, so if that’s what you’re looking for, that’s what you’re going to get. The problem is that it claims to be strawberry. I’ve eaten hundreds of strawberry flavoured candies in my life and this does not taste anything like them at all. It’s even farther from tasting like real strawberries. If I was to define this flavour, as I said before, I would say that it tastes like red licorice. I don’t understand why candy companies don’t lean into this flavour as being unique. It’s so unique that I’ve actually eaten other types of candy that claim to taste like red licorice. These other candies never claim to taste like strawberry.

The other problem I have with these flavour wise is the delayed gratification followed by a little disappointment. Often when I bite into red licorice I find that I’m anticipating the red licorice flavour, however it feels like it takes a few chews before that flavour emerges. Then the flavour gradually gets stronger but it never gives me any kind of flavour pop. The “strawberry” flavour just seems to sit at a certain slightly dull level.

I’d like to imagine that if anyone from Twizzlers might read this review that they'd take what I had to say and make some adjustments, but that’s never going to happen. Twizzlers has been making this candy exactly this way forever, and it seems to be working fine. Lots of people really enjoy these (myself included), and making any kind of change would be more like customizing them for my taste. I would encourage the folks at Twizzlers to keep doing what you’re doing because I’m sure it’s working well. If you wanted to send me a birthday gift or something taking these notes into consideration and making me custom Twizzlers that would be nice, but don’t change the recipe on my account.