Uncle Chipps "Spicy Treat"

Uncle Chipps

Trying to define the Indian flavour is complicated, mostly because almost all of the food in India is spiced with combinations of herbs and spices. Good Indian food isn't just random spices though. Good Indian food is a balanced mix of spices where you can identify some, but others are in the background to support the flavours. It's very complicated, and some Indian dishes take generations to perfect. These chips are a great example of Indian spices blended well.

I would say that the two main spices that come across are turmeric and aniseed. There are other spices, but these two really stick out for me. There's also a bit of heat to these chips, nothing that will burn your mouth too much, but there's something there. Indian spices are a great combination with potato chips; many Indian dishes use potato, so that's likely why.

The only thing that makes these chips unique is the flavour. That is unless you live in India (or an Indian household), then these chips will likely just remind you of home cooking. Either way it’s a great way to get a taste of India in a bag of chips.