Utz Potato Chips


So, you might be wondering what made me pick up this bag of potato chips? Was it the creepy girl on the package? Was it the cool fact that they don't spell the name of the company with any upper-case letters? Nope, it was simply the fact that here at candy critic (thought I'd try no capitols too) we have not one treat review that starts with the letter “U”. I've been looking for a while too, so just seeing these made me smile.

The chips themselves where ok, just ok, and maybe a little too greasy for my liking. The little bag of chips was a good size because I couldn't have possibly eaten a large bag. I'm not sure if this is a cheap chip thing, but some chips just have this greasy flavour that really turns me off. The greasy flavour seems to overtake the actual taste of the potato and that's not good at all. I'm actually a big fan of the flavour of potatoes and I've even been known to eat French fries plain.

So, it's a victory for the alphabetical portion of Candy Critic, but a bit of a disappointment for the taste buds. I guess if you’re ever trying to eat a treat from every letter of the alphabet, they might be worth trying, but other than that I’m not a big fan.