Vauquita "Tableta Dulce De Leche"

Interlink Company

I don't think I know exactly what dulce de leche really is. I always assumed it was a form of caramel made from milk products, instead of just burning sugar. I thought it was just like caramel, only creamier, a sort of milky butterscotch. After eating this bar, and a few other dulce de leche treats in the past, my assumption might be a little off. I've had a few treats in the past, as well as this one today, that's nothing like that at all.

This treat tastes a little like caramel, however the texture is more like a piece of slightly gritty maple sugar, with some kind of creamy like substance in the middle. While the flavour was similar to caramel, it wasn't like a super creamy caramel at all. Instead it tasted a little musty, like a chocolate bar that had been sitting too long in my grandmother's basement (a reference only me and my sister will get).

I have to say, if this is what dulce de leche is supposed to be, I don't think I like it. This would be surprising since I enjoy almost every other kind of creamy dessert and candy. I'm not sure if this candy went wrong in the way it's manufactured, the way it was stored, or maybe it's just me. This Vauquita Tableta Dulce De Leche leaves me a little sad about my thoughts on a treat that I thought I liked a lot.