Miss Vickie's "Chocolate Chip Cookie"

Miss Vickie's

For a company that makes some great high-quality chips, these cookies are a real disappointment. It's not that this cookie tastes horrible, it just tastes like the type of cookie you would find wrapped in plastic in a school cafeteria. Miss Vickie’s is a brand that’s known for making a potato chip that seems a little bit more fancy than other potato chips. I can’t see why they couldn’t have gone a step or two further to make cookies that are better as well.

Even if I was to look at this cookie objectively, forgetting that it’s made by a company that’s known for making a really good chip. When a product says “homestyle” on the package, I would imagine that I would get a cookie that had a real cookie flavor. I wasn’t expecting to get a cookie that was so synthetic tasting. Everything about the package, and the brand, would suggest that I’m going to eat a cookie that tastes like it was made by hand and baked in an over recently. This just wasn’t the case with this cookie.

This is something that comes up in the food industry now and again. You get a food company that’s known for making a particular snack, then they decide to diversify. The expectation is that the new snack will be the same style and quality as the snack you know and love, but it sometimes just doesn’t work out. This is one of those cases.