Butter Cream Egg

Village Treats

Guilt is something I feel right now. You see I try and review each and every candy on Candy Critic within the best circumstances possible, i.e. making sure the candy is fresh, not damaged, and that I hadn't eaten anything really garlicy that day. Well today I've managed one out of the three. See I purchased this treat in the Easter sell off bin, so it's not really that fresh. I've also been carrying this treat around in my bag all day. Now I'm sitting next to Parliament Hill about to enjoy it. Having said all that, where I'm eating it isn’t really that important, but it sets the mood. The grass is fresh, the birds are chirping and there's a really entertaining crazy person ranting about something, 10 feet away from me. A good environment can only enhance any treat.

This egg is a little melted, but that's a good thing. If it wasn't melted, I'd be a little disturbed by the quality of the chocolate. In my opinion any great chocolate should not transport very well. I have to be honest I'm not really sure what butter cream is, but this egg is apparently full of it. The fact that it's got the words “butter” and “cream” in it, also assures me that it can’t that bad.

The chocolate most definitely over powers the butter cream flavour. It could be that the butter cream works really well with the chocolate and they blend seamlessly together, I'm not really sure. I figured the best way to find is to just taste the butter cream... Man it's tasty. It's like really creamy icing (my favourite part of the cake) so although the egg is a little overly sweet it's not too bad.

Even though this treat has suffered a long trip in my bag, and it’s not the freshest treat in the world, it still really holds up.