Violet Crumble


Although this is a fine bar it really brings up many questions. The review itself is simple, this is a fine bit of chocolate-covered sponge toffee. The sponge toffee is actually kind of nice because it doesn't seem to be as sticky as the toffee found in most sponge toffee treats like the Crunchie bar. Flavour wise it’s fine enough, if you like sponge toffee covered in chocolate, you’ll be happy when you eat this. All around this bar rates as fairly average, not bad, but nothing to write home about.

Having said of all that, I do have a few questions:

First of all, why do they call the toffee inside this treat a honeycomb? It looks nothing like a honeycomb and tastes nothing like honey. It seems a little misleading to those of us not familiar with this way of describing sponge toffee.

Secondly, why is it called 'Violet Crumble'? There is nothing remotely purple about this bar at all. In fact, its colour scheme is more like earthy browns and yellows than anything purple. I probably would have given this bar a higher review if it had some purple in it.

If you’re into sponge toffee (or apparently some call it “honeycomb”, than this is a decent bar wrapped in mystery, a great treat if you like to eat and think.