The joy and wonder about getting a treat with nothing in any language that you can understand may be something that only appeals to people like me. The complete misunderstanding about what I'm biting into gives me a thrill. You never know if this bar might be something great, better than anything I've ever eaten before. It might also however be crap, and something that I regret ever having tasted or put in my mouth. This treat does have a bit of the curiosity about it, but I'm also pretty sure that it's going to have some kind of Aero like chocolate inside based on the picture.

There's really two pieces of news to report on this bar after having eaten it. First of all, I am right, it's pretty much just an Aero/Mirage bar rip off. The cool thing is instead of milk chocolate it's actually dark chocolate, or at least something similar to dark chocolate. I guess that's where this review goes from fun and exciting to horrible. The chocolate in this bar is pretty horrible, waxy and overly sweet. The overly sweet really ruins the fact that it's attempting to be dark chocolate.

Basically, you bite into this bar and you get a really bitter flavour mixed with a really sweet flavour. Worst of all the texture is pretty much like plastic. I tried letting it melt in my mouth, but I got bored waiting for it to actually melt away. I advise that if you ever see this bar at a specialty shop. Buy something else.