July 2023

Walkers "Puckering Pickled Onion"


This might be one of the strangest flavours of potato chip that’s not really that weird. The concept of a pickled onion potato chip isn’t that off the wall. I’d put the flavour of a real pickled onion in the same category as regular cucumber pickles. It’s a sour flavour that often accompanies savoury foods. The flavour profile is also similar in that it can be sour or sweet or in some cases both. That’s where these chips were strange, they are both sweet and sour.

The sour is the first thing that hits you, it’s also the part I was most prepared for since the word “puckering” is in the name. I don’t know if I’d call these puckering, but they’re more than just tart. You’re hit with an initial sour kick that is very vinegary. The second part of the flavour is a blend of sweet and onion. The onion flavour isn’t far from the onion flavour you get in many sour cream and onion flavoured potato chips. I’ve found that those chips will also often have a slightly sweet flavour to their onion. The further along you get with these chips and sweeter they get, until you pop another chip into your mouth and you’re hit with the sour.

That’s the beauty of these chips, the sour kick is always there, and it always mellows into a sweet onion flavour. If you choose to eat another chip before finishing the first, then you have an interesting combination of sweet and sour. I don’t think I’ve ever had a chip that’s had such a strong combination of two very different flavours. I don’t think this will ever be a favourite chip of mine, but I like that I was able to try and it and if you’re into fun flavoured chips, I recommend you try it too. You may not like it, but I’m guessing you’ll find it to be interesting.