Walkers "Stephen Fry Up, Pick My Flavour"


This type of campaign for chips is not a new one in the snacking or candy world. The idea is simple, create a random flavour of potato chips, and let someone (i.e. the public) figure out what flavour it is. I'm not really sure if I'm a big fan of this idea to be honest. It seems like a bit of a cop-out from the chip manufacturers. I like it when chip companies create several flavours and ask people to vote on their favourite, but to just put out a random flavour and ask people to figure it out seems a little wrong.

The chips themselves could probably be described as a really muted bacon flavour. If I think about it a little I can make out a bit of a vegetable flavour as well, maybe onion or even broccoli, but that could also be the potato flavour coming through. For the most part I'd have to say that these chips are pretty much just bland. They're flavoured but the flavour is so subtle and indistinct that my mind thinks they're just bland.

I'm thinking if I have to submit a name for these chips I'd have to call the "Hello flavour, hello?"


Although my opinion of the flavour of these chips does not change, my opinion about the idea behind it has. With the help of a reader that has decided to research this particular promotion, it would appear that I was wrong. This is not a contest to name the flavour but instead it's a contest to pick the best new flavour. Although you could see how I might get confused with the words "Pick My Flavour" on the package. According to the Walker's website this flavour is supposed to be bacon and eggs. Well at least I got the bacon part, but maybe not the eggs. I'd like to say that maybe I should start doing more research into my reviews but frankly I think not knowing the flavour gave you a more honest review.