Walkers "Worcester Sauce"


I have mixed feelings when it comes to strange chip flavours. Some flavours make sense, others don't. Some chips flavours are really clever, some are very simple. A very few flavours are both really clever and logical, it’s pretty rare. This particular flavour of chip makes sense, but it's only a little clever. I like the sentiment behind this snack, because Worcester sauce is something one might eat with potatoes. To me that's the first signs of a chip flavour making sense, would you eat it with potatoes.

The next important part of a good chip flavour is how well you manage to imitate the flavour. In some cases, chips might actually use the real thing to flavour their chips, at least when it's feasible After reading the ingredients on the back of the bag, I'm noticing a few similarities to Worcester sauce. The problem I feel is the balance of these ingredients.

These chips are really sour and acidic. They also seem to have a little too much going on in the spice department. While Worcester sauce is a fairly complex sauce, I think the folks at Walker’s might have added even more flavours than is necessary. Worst of all, I think that they really didn't balance out the flavours either. Maybe it's not possible to take a wet sauce like Worcester and turn it into a dry ingredient. If that's the case, maybe faking it a little more would have been better.

Basically, these chips taste like a really sour all dressed potato chip. There's too much going on and the proportions of spices and flavours is way out of wack.