Walkers "Marmite"


These chips could be the best Marmite snack that I've ever tried, they could even be the best delivery of Marmite I've ever had. Having said all of that, I generally hate Marmite. The only way I've accepted Marmite as a food is when it's used to flavour gravies. It makes an adequate flavouring when things like beef or mushroom stock are not available. On toast or any other raw delivery of Marmite is not good at all, it's actually pretty disgusting. I realize that some people really enjoy Marmite, but I also know that there are many people who can't understand why these people feel this way about this horrible spread.

This brings me to these potato chips; I didn't mind them. I can’t say that I like them either. I was able to eat the entire bag of these chips, and I did not want to spit them out at any time. I also never feel the need to try them again, and even at a party, if this was the only chip being offered, I'd probably not eat any. I might eat them if someone directly offered them to me, but that would be out of politeness rather than out of wanting to eat them. Having said that I would not feel the need to excuse myself and spit these chips out in the kitchen garbage can, or in the closest flower pot.

The reason these chips aren't great is that they're very salty, and a little sour. This flavour combination works well with salt and vinegar chips, but for some reason there's something lacking in these chips that does not make them as tasty. I'm not sure if people who like Marmite would enjoy these either. I would think that they might find the lack of really strong Marmite flavour to be an issue. The salty and sour flavour are not unmanageable for me, where these same flavours in the Marmite spread are.

I don't like these chips, they're not inedible, but I don't like them. I'm also not sure if people who like Marmite would like them either. If you've tried these, and you like Marmite, let me know what you think. Until proven differently I'd say that these chips are not great for people who don't like Marmite, and likely not that great for those that do.