Walkers "Cheese & Onion Flavour"


Some of you might be wondering, what's a crisp? For those of us in North America, its another term for potato chips; deep-fried potatoes with flavour goodness. I’m not sure where I fall in the which name is a better description. I generally think about the word “chip” as being better, but that’s because it’s what I called them for most of my life. Objectively however I think the word crisp works better. “Crisp”, is a good description of the texture of the deep fried potato snack. “Chips” only really applies if your crisps are broken. I’m not really sure which name came first, but I’ve started to find myself using the word crisps now and again.

Now what makes these crisps better than your average North American potato chip? Well, to be honest, nothing really. I went through the whole bag of crisps and really had to think hard of anything that might put these things apart from other potato chips. The only thing I could think of is that unlike most North American potato chips, where onion is most often the secondary flavour, (i.e. Sour Cream and Onion) the onion flavour prevails in this snack. The cheese is more of a secondary flavour. Some might say this is an advantage, if you don’t like onions you might not.

These crisps are fine, the flavours are fine and the texture is fine. While I’m not sure how much one pays for these in the United Kingdom, here in Canada they’re a little more expensive. While they taste okay, I’m just not sure it’s worth a Queen's ransom.