This bar has four elements to it, even though the package only mentions two of these elements... sort of. The package says “Milk Chocolate Coated Nuts Bar”, but there's much more than just that. This bar is nougat filled with hazelnut, or maybe walnut, pieces, with a thin layer of caramel covered in chocolate. The problem with this bar is these four elements don't really work well together.

They would in many cases work well together, but in the case of this bar there are great imbalances. I've said it before; ratio is one of the most important keys to making any candy with more than one element work. There are two elements of this bar that work well together and they are of a perfect ratio of nut pieces and the nougat. My only complain about either of these elements is that I find the nougat to be whipped a little too much.

The other two elements, the chocolate and the caramel just don't work for me at all in this bar. The chocolate is really waxy and not very flavourful, the texture worked against this bar rather than for it. The caramel was the biggest disappointment of all, it was layered on so thinly that I hardly even realized it was there.

A bar that had great potential, particularly because of the balanced use of nuts, but it still didn't work because of the other ratios.