Walnut Whip


Format wise the Walnut Whip is really in a league of its own. Basically, it's a twisty tower made of chocolate, topped with a walnut. Inside this tower is a really light whipped cream, which almost has the same consistency as marshmallow, but more of a melted marshmallow than a raw one. The name of this treat "Walnut Whip" is more truthful than many treats I sample, there is a walnut on top, and it's filled with some kind of whipped cream.

If I had to complain about this treat, I would say that there's a lack of walnut, except for the one of the top. I think it would have been nice to have bits of walnut throughout the chocolate as well as the one on the top. But you can't say that the label lied since the word "walnut" is singular.

Other than the lack of walnut, this treat is pretty good. The cream is some of the lightest whipped cream I've ever had in any treat, and it melts in your mouth so well. The flavour of the cream is a little lacking, it's sweet, but not really that creamy in flavour. The lack of creamy flavour doesn’t matter because, the chocolate is really the star of this treat. The chocolate is smooth, high quality and has a tasty cocoa flavour. Unfortunately, with only one bite that had any walnut, and a cream filling with no flavour, this treat pretty much just tasted like chocolate. It had some fun texture going for it, but flavour wise (after the first walnut bite) it was just chocolate.

It's a unique treat that works so well in some ways, but in other ways it just didn't work at all.