Watermelon Bites


These just might be the best watermelon candies I've ever eaten. Having said that, it's a pretty low bar. I generally don't like watermelon candies at all, it's a flavour that never seems to live up to its original fruit. In fact, I believe that a true watermelon flavour is impossible to recreate with any packaged candy. The reason I believe this is that the flavour of watermelon is very, very subtle. In fact I think one could argue that the flavour of a watermelon is mostly just sweet. The true joy of eating watermelon is the cool wet texture. So if you turn it into a candy, you're likely eliminating the best quality of this fruit, the texture.

The reason I like these candies is not because they managed to simulate the watermelon texture. Flavour wise I can tolerate these candies because the watermelon flavour is more subtle than with many other watermelon candies. There seems to be a secondary generic fruity flavour that blends with the watermelon and it tampers down the watermelon flavour a bit, and that's a good thing. The main reason I might be able to say that I like these is the design and texture.

The design of these is actually pretty creative. First of all, each element is made up of different textures. The pink flesh is super soft, the rine is pretty hard, and the seeds are made up of something similar to licorice laces. Because of the different textures, you're actually able to seperate the pink flesh from the rine, and it actually kind of looks like the real fruit. I couldn't taste too much of a difference between the two portions, but the rine was much harder to chew than the flesh, just like a real watermelon. While they certainly don't look like a real watermelon, they do look like a fairly convincing cartoon watermelon, and when it comes to candy I think that acceptable.

I won't say that I'm in love with these Watermelon Bites, but I kind of thought they were fun. Fortunately the flavour was subtle enough that I didn't mind eating them either.