August 2023












This bar offers the possibility of being something similar to a Kit Kat bar, yet with a twist. The twist is peanuts, and for me at least, it might be the first time I’ve ever tasted a regular Kit Kat (like) bar with peanuts. I have reviewed a Kit Kat chunky with peanut butter, the difference here being that the cream (I assume the parts between the wafers) are the peanut butter flavour. You’ll notice that I’m comparing this bar a great deal to a Kit Kat bar, even though it’s not, and it’s not even made by the same company that makes Kit Kat bars. According to the package this candy has almost nothing similar to a Kit Kat bar.

No matter what the package says, the candy itself is very much like a Kit Kat bar and I would even go so far as to say that it’s identical. It even embosses it’s name, WW, on each finger just like a Kit Kat bar. Design wise I would say it’s identical. It’s a series of narrow wafer fingers with cream between each wafer and the entire bar is covered in milk chocolate. Each finger is also connected by the bottom layer of chocolate to make it one large bar. You have to look pretty deep at the design of this bar to find any real differences between it and a Kit Kat bar.

Flavour wise you don’t have to dig as deep, but it’s still pretty similar. I should tell you that the first time I tried this bar, I happen to be shooting a video where I also ate a regular Kit Kat bar. So when comparing this bar to a Kit Kat bar, I did notice a slight flavour difference. One could argue that it’s the peanut cream, but the flavour that came out of this bar isn’t really peanut either. At the very least it isn’t a distinctly peanut flavour, I would describe it as a slight hint of peanut that gives a bit of a toasted flavour. I think if I happened to eat this bar without having a regular Kit Kat to compare, I might not have even caught the flavour difference.

The obvious way to fix this bar is to up the peanut flavour. There are many options to do this, a layer of peanut butter, peanut chunks on the top, or just peanut flavouring in the chocolate. As it stands, it just tastes like a slightly off Kit Kat bar.