Werther's Original

August Storck

I have two strange feelings about Werther’s Original, that might be seen as negative. The first is a feeling I get from popular culture and that is that Werther’s are an old person’s candy. While I will agree that every person I know over the age of 60 really likes these, and I do have memories of visiting my grandparents and finding these in the candy dish, I don’t think there’s anything in particular that makes the for old people. I’m pretty sure the kids out there like candy, and caramel is a popular flavour for everyone. I’m not sure where this idea came to be, but if it’s true then I believe there’s great wisdom with age.

The second negative I feel about Werther’s is more physical. The flavour of Werther’s is caramel, and the flavour is spot on. The strength of the flavour of Werther’s Originals is also powerful. When you put one in your mouth your brain instantly feels caramel, and this is the problem. As soon as I put a Werther’s Original in my mouth, I feel like it should be soft and chewy, but it’s not. I must use every ounce of strength not to bit into it. The pros of this being a hard candy is that the intense caramel flavour lasts a long time, but the cost is the mental anguish I have doing everything in my power not to bite down.

I’m a big fan of Werther’s Original, and if that makes me an old man... wait a minute, I think I am an old man now. That’s such a relief, imagine how silly I’d feel if I was eating these in my 20s?