July 2023



Chicken Wing Gummy


I’m not really sure what I was expecting from this gummy. One cannot deny the appeal of the idea of a gummy that looks exactly like a raw chicken wing. Admittedly I think we can all agree that there’s nothing appetizing about eating a gummy in the shape of a raw chicken wing, but there is certainly a morbid curiosity that comes with eating a gummy like this. The angry chicken on the package actually makes this gummy even a little weirder and maybe even a little darker. I’ve argued many times that I feel like candy companies are not using the gummy medium to make cool enough treats, however, I’ll admit that sometimes candy companies hit it right out of the park.

While I don’t know why anyone would buy a gummy shaped like a chicken wing, other than morbid curiosity, I love that they put such an amazing amount of effort into the design. I’m not overly familiar with the methods of casting a mould for gummies, but I feel like a real chicken wing was used in this design. Maybe there was some adjustments, but the detail and the perfect size tells me that there was a lot of reference at the very least. All this is to say that the folks at Playmore managed to not only make an interesting enough shape, but also make it look pretty spot on.

As for the gummy itself, honestly it’s fairly average. The weird part is that it’s orange flavoured, the only connection I could make was the popular Chinese dish known as orange chicken. I guess orange isn’t that strange a flavour combination with chicken, it just still seems weird to eat something that looks fairly realistic, but tastes like a really strong and slightly synthetic orange flavour. I’ll admit that there’s a small part of me that was hoping it was chicken flavoured, but I’m pretty sure it would have been gross, and very sure that no one would ever buy a chicken flavoured gummy.

This leads me to wonder if anyone would ever call this their favourite gummy. While it’s a perfectly fine candy, I feel like most people buy these because of the gimmick factor, more than the love of this candy. It’s a pretty good gimmick, but I find it hard to believe that a realistic looking gummy chicken wing makes the eating process better. Sure it’s kind of gross/fun, but it doesn’t really seem like it was designed to be more than a one off buy.