Peanut Slab


I thought I knew all about the beauty of simple candy. I thought that I knew all about what it took to make a candy great with only simple common ingredients. Well that's what I thought, but I think I've learned something new today. Even the name of this candy is a simple one, Peanut Slab. There's nothing politically correct, nothing over researched, it's just what you think this bar might be, chocolate and peanuts together. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bar so simple, yet this is a bar that I would gladly eat again, and here’s why.

The nice part of this treat has to be the quality, the chocolate is smooth and melts in your mouth just right. The peanuts are great, fresh, crunchy and add a great texture to this bar. While all of this is important, the most important part of a simple bar like this is the balance of ingredients. This Peanut Slab is just right when it comes to balancing out the peanut to chocolate ratio. I can't tell you how many times I've enjoyed a treat that seems simple enough, but the balance of ingredients is so off that it becomes a nightmare. Not true with this bar, everything is perfect.

The Peanut Slab is a very unique but simple treat. This is the perfect bar for those that want something familiar, but want it done right.