Scottish Recipe Whoppaas!

Ally Bally Bee's

When I bought this mysterious bar, I thought I might get to try something brand new. I was hoping to bite into a treat like nothing that I've ever sampled before. I was hoping that since I really didn't understand the description on the package, that maybe I was getting something fun and unique. Unfortunately, what I ended up with is some very average fudge.

The package really builds you up for something impressive, and the name "Whoppaas" makes you think it might be really different. As it turns out the best and most creative thing about this treat is the name. The only thing that makes it even a little unique compared to most fudge, is a cocoa dusting on the outside, but even that's a bit of a failure. The tight vacuum seal of the package pushes the cocoa powder into the soft fudge, so in the end it's not that noticeable. I get a little residue on my fingers when I take it out of the package, but it adds nothing to the eating experience at all.

I'm not sure if Whoppaas are some kind of traditional Scottish treat that I just don't understand, or if this particular brand is a bad example. I just wasn't really that excited about these after opening the package. If Whoppaas are just supposed to be fudge, then I can tell you that this particular bar is not very good fudge.