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Watch Chris eat questionable food for your enjoyment. Some of it is bad, some of it is good, some of it is just alright, but you never know till you bite into it.

Halloween Molasse Kisses


Vintage Hello Kitty Candy


Vintage Chewbacca Candy


Eating Candy Wrong - Reese's Peanut Butter Cups


Eating Candy Wrong - Caramilk


Eating Candy Wrong - Chocolate Bunny


Eating Candy Wrong - Oh Henry




Eating Candy Wrong - Kit Kat


Spicy Cola Gum


Mixed Flavor Candy


World's Spicest Ramen


Canned Congee


Taro Seafood Snack


Lots of Cinnamon Hearts


Spicy Thai Lay's


Tamago Gani (Little Crabs)


A Bunch of Wasabi Chips


Civet Cat Chocolate


Cambodian Spider


Camel Brand Chilli Tapioca Ikan Bilis


Japanese Salted Plum


Cricket Chocolate Bar


Asian McDonald's Pies


Lemon Pepper Tang


Mystery Drinks


Fresh Durian


Black Pepper Ice Cream


Durian Ice Cream


Preserved Plum Seedless


Merinda Green Creme Flavour


Vintage Star Wars Candy


Cheese and Fish Stick


Grass Jelly Drink


Spicy Ginger Beer


Root Beer PopTarts


Ginger Chips


Pepsi and Milk




Flavoured Beans


Palm Sugar


Jellies Mirch Masala


Christmas Special - Fruitcake


Nutella/Nuteza Taste Test


Mystery Soda


Star Wars Egg


Italian Potato Snacks


Dubai - Camel Milk


India - Mango Cube


India - Brown Balls


India - Random Hot Sauce


India - Pickled Onions


Hot Dr. Pepper


BP Gur With Nuts


Candied Almonds?


Cambodian Banana Candy