In the world of gummies, wine gums have their own special place. The flavors are unlike anything else in the gummy world. It’s kind of fruity, but not really, in kind of the same way one might describe wine. The texture is also great, and not like many other types of gummy. Your teeth don’t just sink into a wine gum, you have to put in the work. They’re probably one of the toughest gummies out there, but for some reason the texture is also really satisfying. Everything about them is great.

Because of the uniqueness of this gummy, this is one of those snacks that for no reason at all I'll just crave. I’ll see these on the shelf at my local candy or corner store and for no apparent reason I just have to have a pack. It’s been like this for a very long time, even as a kid I would crave Wine Gums, even before I was old enough to drink wine.

One important point that should be made is that the black Wine Gums are not licorice but in fact berry flavored. This is also a very important factor as to why I’ve loved these gummies ever since I was a kid. If the black Wine Gums were licorice, I would probably have a very different opinion. These Wine Gums have got to be one of my regular favorites.