Wispa "Mint"


If I was to walk out of my house right now and get struck by lightning, I wouldn't be disappointed with my life. That’s because I got to sink my teeth into one of these Wispa Mint chocolate bars. Holy cow this is a really good chocolate bar. I mean I’m kind of stunned at how much I’m enjoying eating this chocolate bar. It’s not often that I bite into something that just fills me with pure joy. It’s even better because I didn’t expect to be having such a joyful experience today.

If you like chocolate and mint, this is something you must try and I say 'must' with more seriousness than I've ever had. The best way to describe this bar is simple, high quality British chocolate with a strip of smooth mintyness in the middle. I could try and list why this bar works so very well, but then I would be listing just about everything that goes into a chocolate bar. The ratio of flavours and textures is perfect. The texture is so smooth and creamy, it melts in your mouth perfectly. The cool mint flavour is so nice, and so is the wonderful chocolate flavour.

Everything in this bar is exactly what can be right about any treat, and if you take this bar and sell it in North America, it would knock the socks off everybody. If I have to find a fault, it’s in the originality of this bar. I’ve had dozens of mint flavoured chocolate bars in my life, and this is just that. Having said that it’s one that’s been executed perfectly. I’d love to see the folks at Cadbury make more flavours of Wispa with creative flavours, but at this standard.

This is a candy fanatic’s must try bar.