From what I can tell from eating this candy bar the word "Wok" must mean "Snickers", because that's just what this bar is. This bar is a carbon copy of a "Snickers" bar and nothing more. I guess since it is from a far-off land it might be exotic to some, but that would be like going to Japan to get a "Big Mac". It's the same thing just different writing on the box. So, since this bar is a copy of a "Snickers" bar here is the "Snickers" review:

“The Snickers bar is truly one of my favorite candy bars in the world. One of the best parts about the Snickers bar is the many ways you can enjoy them. If you want, you can just eat them at room temperature or if you want something a little different throw one in the freezer and try it out. Frozen and room temperature aren’t the only ways to enjoy a Snickers bar either. One of the truly interesting way to eat one of these bars has to be deep fried, check your Scottish pub for more details on that.

The reason this bar works in so many ways is the ingredients. The Snickers if full of classic candy bar ingredients that have always worked well together, and work well in various temperatures. Having all of these great ingredients isn’t enough to make this bar a classic though, the key to the success of this bar is the fact that all of the ingredients are of a very high quality and that each ingredient balances perfectly with the other. This is not a nut, caramel, nougat or chocolate focused bar, this is a bar that merges these ingredients together to make a Snickers bar.

The Snickers bar is nutty, chocolaty and gooey, it’s the perfect treat any way you like it.”

The Wok is a good representation of the Snickers bar, but that means creatively it’s pretty much a failure. The only reason I ever give pass to candy companies copying other candies is if it’s in a place that doesn’t sell the original. I doubt this is the case with this bar, so from a novelty standpoint I’m very disappointed.