Wonder Capsule "Hello Kitty"


Right off the bat I want to clear something up, this is no Kinder egg. If you've read Candy Critic in the past, then you know about my love of the Kinder eggs. I don't just love Kinder Eggs because of the toys. The chocolate in a Kinder Egg is really great as well. A good example of this is the fact that I love all the bars that Kinder has come out with as well. Kinder knows where it's at, they know the importance of mixing good candy with a cool toy.

Now don't get me wrong, I knew buying this egg that I would receive a girly toy. I wasn't expecting anything that would appeal to boys. I'm ok with that, I'm the Candy Critic, not the Toys Inside Chocolate Eggs Critic, although that sounds like an intriguing website I should try to start up. The part I most cared about in this treat for the sake of this review was surely the chocolate egg surrounding the toy. Unfortunately, the chocolate coating is where this treat fell apart. The chocolate was cheap and crumbly. It's not like there's much to think about with the chocolate egg either, it should be simple. I've seen it work many times but for some reason these guys just didn't pull off what should be a simple chocolate egg.

The toy inside was fine, but the chocolate egg really disappointed. I really don’t understand why candy companies that make these eggs think that it’s all about the toys. If you’re not eating some good quality chocolate, the toy is just not worth it.