Wonka Bar


The best way to describe this bar is one word, a word that Roald Dahl made famous himself, that word is “Scrumdiddlyumptious”. First of all, this bar is a great nostalgic piece. The reason why anybody might get this bar in the first place is because they’re a fan of the many stories featuring Charlie, Wonka and a chocolate factory. There’s something fun about being able to bite into a treat that you’ve seen in a movie or read about. The thing that makes this bar even better however is the fact that it's a great chocolate bar.

It’s not just a simple bar of milk chocolate either, it’s a bar mixed with graham cracker bits. The chocolate is of a very fine quality, and melts in your mouth just right. The graham cracker bits are well distributed throughout the bar, and the texture adds a really nice crunch. The balance of flavour is also really great, this is important since both of these flavours could overpower if not balanced perfectly.

The chocolate tasted great and the graham crackers are an original addition. If you get a chance to try a Wonka bar, I recommend it. It’s not only a great bar, but it's big enough to share with a friend, unless it’s Augustus Gloop, he seems to eat a lot of chocolate.