July 2023









Woody’s Pecan & Walnut Chewy Praline

Woody's Candy

I am by no means a praline expert. I’m not sure I could properly argue weather something was a brittle or a praline. I feel like people from certain American states would have a very strong opinion on what a praline is, but I have never had a conversation with anyone about it. I’m from Canada, and I’ve only visited the southern United States a handful of times. I say all of this because I was under the impression that one of the features of praline is that it’s crunchy. This particular praline on the other hand was chewy.

The texture of this praline is probably best described as fudgy rather than chewy. Maybe compared to the crunchier pralines I’ve had chewy is a fine description, however objectively I’d call this fudgy. This is not a bad thing, unless you think that all pralines have to be crunchy. I have no such opinions, and I’m not even sure if maybe this is the correct texture. I feel like I should have done more research into pralines before tasting and reviewing this treat because I could be going on about nothing.

I guess what I’m saying is those who may be praline experts might object to this treat. I as a praline novice do not. It was a fine soft fudgy blob filled with walnuts and pecans. The nuts were a great balance to the sweet chewy praline in both taste and texture. It was jam packed with more nutty pieces that it didn’t feel like any fudge one might get. While the fudgy praline was sweet, it still had a nice golden flavour.

I thoroughly enjoyed eating this fudgy blob, and I’d recommend it to almost anyone. The one exception being praline purists, as I’m not sure how authentic this is. If the folks at Woody’s Candy would like to school me on the subject, I’d be happy to listen.