Peppermint Patties


Is this a Christmas candy? I think I might have been taken a little bit by this candy based on the package, and where it was on the shelves of the store where I bought it. I found this bag of Peppermint Patties on a shelf completely surrounded by other Christmas treats, like candy canes, and strangely shaped Lindt chocolates (I think it was supposed to be a shooting star). Upon looking at the package, with the Christmas colours and snow motif, I just assumed it was a Christmas version of the Peppermint Patties. My first assumption was that these would be somehow candy cane flavoured. I might have even thought that there would be pieces of candy cane, or at the very least candy cane colours in the mint filling.

I totally misjudged this candy in that regard. What you have here is simple Peppermint Patties. After you open the package there's nothing different about them then what you find throughout the year. I am however willing to admit that Christmas is a good time to enjoy a Peppermint Patty, and that it fits well with other popular Christmas treats, so that's why I'll allow this to remain a Christmas review.

As for the quality of these particular Peppermints Patties, I would say they're fairly middle of the road. They taste fine, and the balance of chocolate flavour to mint is okay. There are however a few details that could be improved. First of all, it's obvious that the filling of these chocolates with mint cream is not done with too much precision. The cream is both imbalanced in the amount you get in each chocolate, but even inside each chocolate the cream is not very balanced. Most of them seem to have more around the outside than the middle, as if the chocolate pushed the mint cream to the sides. The cream is also not the best. It's pretty hard, and doesn't gush at all when you bite into them.

I've got a whole bag of these to eat, and frankly I've enjoyed them well enough. I can't say they're the best mint/chocolate treat I've ever had, but if someone gifted these to me for Christmas I'd be satisfied enough.