When I first saw this package, I instantly thought about Tic Tacs. I figured that I was getting into a box of assorted fruity flavoured Tic Tacs and I was fairly excited. I think Tic Tacs is one of those candies where they haven’t explored all the flavour options possible, and maybe these oxnon’ok might cover some ground. However, the excitement died down a little after I ate the first one.

It was light blue and it was minty. I was most disappointed because my favourite Tic Tac is orange, so having my first experience with these being mint it wasn’t going well. Although I can’t really complain because it wasn’t a horrible mint, it just wasn’t what I expected. Next, I figured a red one was in order. A little fruity at first, not bad then… Minty!

Well maybe not minty as much as menthol. I eventually went through most of the flavours only to discover that you get a light fruity flavour followed by a menthol flavour that really sticks in your mouth each time. I thought that I should consider not reviewing these at this point. I wasn’t sure if this is a fair review, since I had the idea of Tic Tacs on my mind when I tasted these xonon’oks. Maybe I had an expectation of what to expect, and that’s not a good way to taste a new candy. While I thought about the fact that the mint didn’t sit well with me, I realized something about the package, it does have pictures of fruit all over it, maybe it might have influenced me as well. I see no indication that there might be mint in this candy at all.

If anybody knows what this package says (if it even mentions mint) let me know, until then I’ll just sit here slightly disappointed.