This chocolate bar is all about texture, and what a texture it is. This is your run of the mill chocolate bar made with Wonka goodness, and a little something extra. That little something extra would be pop rocks. I’m not sure who would come up with the idea of putting pop rocks in chocolate, but I salute them. It’s not something I think I’d ever thought of, or ever wanted, but someone at Wonka had the guts to make this bar anyways.

This is the chocolate bar that pops and fizzes all the way down, well at least down my throat. I’m not sure what this bar is doing in my stomach, but I do feel the tingles of pop rocks down my throat after every bite. The chocolate is also nice as well, it’s fairly smooth and creamy, but could have a bit more of a chocolaty flavour. It works well from the texture standpoint, but lacks a little in the flavour standpoint.

The blending of two texture that you never thought of putting together is something special. It’s even more special when it kind of works. This is definitely a unique and tasty treat.