July 2023

Yellow Lollipop "Lemon"


I feel like there are two words to describe this lollipop, “generic” and “magical”. I think we can almost all agree that these lollipops are very common, and found everywhere. I actually got this particular lollipop in a place where these are ubiquitous, a doctors office. I got this lollipop because I got a needle and did not complain too much, and more importantly I didn’t cry. I’m not a huge fan of needles, but I will admit that knowing I’m getting one of these lollipops makes it a little better.

So while we can agree that these lollipops are extremely common, and might even be the definition of basic lollipops, they taste great. The shape, colour and flavour is almost perfect. While it’s not surprising or unique in any way, it delivers on everything it should. The size fits perfectly in my mouth, the flavour is distinctly lemon, and it lasts just long enough to satisfy. It’s maybe not the prettiest candy in the world, but it looks distinctive enough that when I’m at the doctor’s office I can recognize them and know I’m in for a nice treat after horrible needle.

If I had to complain about one thing it would be the paper stick. I would say about halfway through this lollipop, the paper really started to fall apart. A few minutes later and I most certainly had particles of paper floating around my mouth. By the time I got to the end of this treat I was pretty much chewing a good quantity of paper. The paper did last long enough to hold this lollipop till the end, but just barely.

These lollipops are so common that I’ve never even thought about reviewing one until now. In some ways these are the generic lollipop that I base all other lollipops around. They’re not really middle of the road, but they’re just so simple and common that they’ve become so familiar.