A very simple chocolate bar, that would be the best description of the Yorkie bar. The great thing about this simple bar is that it's British chocolate. That means that this bar isn’t just simple, it’s simple and delicious. It’s a great example of the quality of chocolate that you get in British chocolate. It’s smooth, creamy, yet still has a great cocoa flavour. While the bar is simple, because the only element is such high quality, it tastes really good.

The thing that does puzzle me is the whole “not for girls” theme of this bar. I would think that pure awesome milk chocolate would be perfect for both boys and girls alike. Maybe the idea of this campaign is if you make a chocolate bar as pure and smooth as possible, then tell girls they can’t have it (play hard to get), then they’ll want it even more. That or women will feel left out and decide that maybe they just don’t want to eat this bar anyways, and then leave half of the food eating marketplace out of eating this chocolate bar.

I’m not sure if this is the perfect marketing ploy, but this bar really does taste great.