Organic Fruit Lollipop "Pucker Pomegranate"

Yummy Earth

Pomegranate is one of the fruit flavours that really intrigues me more than any I can think of off hand. The fruit itself is fascinating because it tastes so good, yet it's really difficult to attain (those pesky seeds), but it’s well worth the trouble to get them. The flavour is truly unique, yet every time I eat a candy that is "pomegranate" flavoured it ends up tasting more like cherry or some other berry. It's strange that such a unique flavoured fruit could be so hard to imitate in candy form.

So how does this Yummy Earth Lollipop hold up for imitating the true flavour of pomegranate? Well it comes close, it doesn't hit it dead on, but it's pretty good. If I had to describe this lollipop without having known the flavour in advance, I'd probably say that it was the best sour cherry lollypop I've ever eaten. I guess if I think about it, a pomegranate does taste a little like a sour cherry, so that means it’s pretty close.

Even if this lollipop doesn't taste exactly like a pomegranate, it's still really tasty. The reason I think the flavour is so good is because the folks at Yummy Earth have one feature about their lollipops that always scores well with me. They're not afraid to be a little sour, without being ridiculously sour. The balance of sweet and tart is really something that takes a lot of skill, and these guys pull it off perfectly. I always think it's going to get too sour at some point while sucking on this lollipop, but it doesn't, it always stops at just being a nice comfortable tart.