Zip "Double"


There is one thing that’s really fun and unique about this bar, and unfortunately only one thing. To open this bar, you have to take it by each end, and bend it really quickly. In doing so it rips down the middle thus exposing the two wafer bars. It’s a fun way to open any package, and it worked remarkably well. The package designers at Cadbury should be very proud. Opening this bar was very satisfying, unfortunately that was really the only satisfying this about this bar.

After opening the bar, I pulled out one of the wafer bars, expecting my taste buds to be as satisfied as my mind was opening the package. What I got instead was two very bland wafer bars. With the Cadbury name on the bar, I was expecting a nice blend of chocolate and wafer. I was expecting the wafer to provide the texture, and the chocolate to provide the flavour. The texture wasn’t too bad as the wafers were fairly crunchy, however the flavour was pretty much non-existent. I was expecting this bar to have some great chocolate on the outside, and maybe some kind of chocolate (or other flavoured) cream between the wafers. There just wasn’t any flavour at all in this bar, except for the bland wafers. It was as if the chocolate was just there for show, and nothing else.

If Cadbury wanted this bar to work, they would have to add a lot more chocolate. It might also be nice if the cream between the wafers was more flavourful. It wouldn’t have to be chocolate flavoured cream either, I think there are several flavours of cream you could add that would work with the chocolate to create a really unique flavour. All I ask it that there should be some kind of flavour, anything really. I also think a bit more chocolate would help with the texture. As it is now, the wafer texture dominates a little too much for my liking. Wafer bars are a real challenge to get right, and unfortunately the Zip “Double” just doesn’t get it right at all.