This bar would fall into one of two categories depending on your political point of view. It's either an attempt to make an environmentally friendly energy bar, or it's a gimmick. Where you think it falls depends on what you think about eating bugs. Each one of these bars contains 14 crickets. If this grosses you out then you'll probably agree that this is a gimmick. The crickets however are not obvious, in fact if no one told you that there were any crickets in this bar at all, you wouldn't know. The labels on the bar, besides the bragging about crickets, is the labeling you might find on any protein enhanced chocolate bar. It's got lots of cocoa, a few other fruits (coconut and pineapple), and it is gluten free.

When you eat this bar there's no indication at all that you're eating a bug. For environmentalists and those trying to eat better, this means that this bar is a source of protein and it gets its protein from a fairly environmentally sustainable source. Some experts say that bugs are going to become a regular source of protein for the population in the near future as the world population increases. So, you could look at this bar as being something gross, or a step into the new future we might be living in.

As a chocolate bar, it's OK. I'm actually not a huge fan of dried pineapple and coconut in my chocolate bars, so that ended up being the part I like least. Particularly because I really didn't notice the bugs at all, but the coconut was a little overpowering. The bar had some grittiness to it as well, which I assume could have been the crickets, but it might have been the cocoa and coconut as well. In general, it wasn't that smooth, and while it might be good for me and the environment, it wasn't the best chocolate bar I've ever eaten.

If you don't mind eating bugs, you don't mind mediocre chocolate, and you're looking to eat a little more protein, than this might be a fine treat. I'm hoping that if we go forward in this world eating bugs, food companies improve the quality of the other ingredients as well. I have yet to find a bug themed treat that I actually like, and the bugs are rarely the problem.