Just Born

Here's how this will work; 4 flavours = 4 quick reviews:

Red (Watermelon) - This really isn't fair at all, for the most part I don't like the taste of synthetic Watermelon. It doesn't taste even remotely like the fruit it’s supposed to represent. It’s more like a soapy flavour that’s hard to explain than a slice of watermelon. So, these really didn't take my interest and I’m wondering why not do a cherry or fruit punch instead.

Orange (Tangerine) - This is something I can really go for. These Zours taste like super-sour orange Tic Tacs, which is one of my favourite candies as a kid. I'm not sure why they say it’s Tangerine but they’re still pretty good.

Green (Apple) - Like Watermelon I'm normally not a huge fan of synthetic apple flavoured candies either. I don’t mind it much when the apple flavour is subtle, that or I'm building a tolerance for fake apple flavours. Having said that, these weren't my favourite of this bunch, but they also weren't bad either.

Blue (Raspberry) - Why in the world do they make raspberry candies blue. I've never seen a blue raspberry in my life yet every candy company seems to think it’s acceptable to colour their candies this way. While I’m not happy about the blue colour, these are pretty good, not as good as the orange coloured Zours, but a close second.

The sour part of these Zours is a real highlight in all cases, and if you like the flavours it all balances quite nicely.