Z - North America - Gum



Taste: 1

Texture: 3.5

Novelty: 2

All scores out of 5

Flavour combinations are really a hard thing to perfect in the candy world. When you have two flavours that are mixed, two expectations come up. First of all you want both of those flavours to work well together, you want some kind of harmony. Second you want both flavours to be present in the over all flavour. You don’t want one flavour overpowering another, but you also want those flavours to work together to make something new and happy in your mouth.

Zums might have passed on the harmony idea if it hadn’t failed so horribly on the taste. All I can taste when I bite into these things is apple, and it’s not even that sour. It’s just that fake apple flavour that really isn’t one of my favourites. The cherry is completely lost for me and that’s really a shame. I say it’s a shame because of the two flavours (apple and cherry) cherry is my favourite and probably would have saved this treat.

The texture was actually a little bit more interesting than I originally expected. I thought I was just gelling regular pieces of gum but instead each layer had a candy coating. It was like a cross between a Chicklet and a standard piece of gum. If only the flavour had worked out, this could have been a great treat.

Chew Time : 10 min