Sambo Pristur

The great thing about this treat, the thing that made me jump up and squeal with joy, is when I saw the name of this bar, the number "3". I'm fairly easily impressed by silly little things and the name of this bar made me gasp in awe. You see, I've had a bit of a private search going on for a while, I've been looking for treats that have really short names. Sure, it's a stupid hobby, but when you review candy for a living your hobbies tend to be kind of lame.

The other cool thing about this treat is that it was a gift to me from a traveling friend. Someone completely oblivious to my silly search found me a little something that made me so happy. I guess I should talk about the contents of this bar a little for this review as well.

The bar was OK; I'm not really sure what it was though. At first it had little to no flavour but the texture of Turkish delight covered in chocolate. Then the flavour got a little fruity, not too bad. Then it got kind of gross as it developed a liquorice aftertaste, yuck. I like that I was completely surprised by what I had just eaten. I was expecting something really simple and basic, but what I got was a bit of a surprise even though I may not have liked the flavour that much (mainly because of the liquorice).

So, what did I learn today? Well I learned that cultures all over the world have great treats to offer. I learned that there are sweets with one-character names. I also learned that when I eat something, and I can't read the package, it would be a good idea to keep a glass of water nearby.