June 2022









4D Gummy "Fruits"


It’s really nice to see a candy company try something creative. Maybe these aren’t the perfect gummy, but there’s something really unique about them that you don’t see in the gummy world. I’ve always said that gummies are one of the most versatile candies in the world. I feel like you can make gummies into just about every shape, but there’s always been one thing that’s bothered me. Most gummy candies seem to have a flat side. I’ve seen gummies in many shapes, but almost all of them seem to have something that you can easily define as the bottom. When it comes to gummy shapes, most of the time you’re actually eating something that is shaped like a well carved pancake. These might be the first gummies I’ve seen that break that convention.

The package says that these are “3D + Delicious”, and I would not argue at all about the fact that these are 3D. I might even go so far as to say that these are some of the most fancy fruit shaped gummies I’ve ever seen. There’s also care into the kind of gummy they use, it’s a very transparent gummy that really makes the shape look like jelly and the colours pop (particularly if you light them from the back). The sculpt of these gummies is also really nice. There’s no doubt at all what fruit they’re representing. So visually and textually (the gummy is really soft) these gummies hit every single mark perfectly.

As for the fault, I’m going to have to say that the flavour lacks just a little bit. With such bold colours and shapes I was expecting bold flavour, but these are not bold at all. The fruit flavour is very subtle, in particular with the apple and pineapple I almost had a hard time picking out their flavour. The strawberry and grape were a little easier to recognize. It’s not that these tasted bad, or that they didn’t represent their fruit at all, the flavour is just very subtle.

To be honest, since I don’t really like apple flavoured candies, I didn’t mind the fact that the apple flavour was a little weak. The flavour is not bad, I just felt like I wanted something a little bolder. Just for the look and texture I would suggest picking these up, but be warned that the fruit flavour is a lot more subtle than the bold shapes and colours.