5 "Evolve"


This is supposed to be the future of chewing gum, when we look 10 years into the future, I predict that true flavour changing treats will be a big part. So that's what this treat is attempting, to be one of the first true flavour changing treats. This gum is not something that you simply suck or crunch down layers of flavour. This gum has actual flavour changing as you chew. I've decided to split this review into 3 parts to describe each flavour.

The first flavour you get from this treat is supposed to be sour. I can't say that I'm impressed with the sour at all. In fact, I'd call the sour a light tart flavour more than a full-on sour. The flavour itself is a very general fruit flavour and not really that impressive at all.

The second flavour is pretty much the predominant flavour, and that's the sweet. The sour flavour lasts about 5 minutes, and the sweet seems to last about 15 minutes after the sour. The actual flavour of the gum doesn't change that much at all, and still has a general fruity flavour.

Now the package says that there are only two flavour shifts, however I've detected another. As I kept chewing, waiting of the flavour to finish, I noticed that the gum started to go a little minty. It's very subtle, but I definitely tasted a little mint. With the fruit flavour the minty feeling is a little strange.

This gum is a step in the right direction, however I'm still dying for a flavour change treat that's a lot more powerful in the variety of flavours. I think if you wanted to make this gum work really well you might want to inverse the flavour changes and have it start sweet and finish sour. It would also be nice if you could make a drastic change to the fruity undertone.

Chew Time: 25 min