Ah-Ha "Vanilla Cake on Chocolate"


I've tried to write this review 3 times now. Each time I start about 3 sentences in and I'm not really sure where I'm going. Describing this cake is simple. It's two layers of vanilla cake with vanilla icing in the middle. The "novelty” of this cake is the layer of chocolate at the bottom. The concept is that instead of icing the top of the cake with chocolate, they've added cake on top of the layer of chocolate icing. It really doesn't do much to improve or even change any regular cake experience since flipping your cake isn't that hard. It's as if they're celebrating the fact that they've packaged their cakes upside down.

I could excuse the silliness of the novelty of this cake if the quality was there, but it's not. The two layers of vanilla cake are dry and tasteless. The chocolate bottom is cheap icing, and is the only thing in this treat worse than the cake. The only redeeming part of this cake is the layer of vanilla icing between the two pieces of cake. Unfortunately, there's only a very thin layer of this icing and the flavour and slightly moist texture it provides is lost because super dry cake.

I can't say I expected much from this treat, but I was hopeful. Unfortunately, the cake was pretty crappie so this treat only delivered a silly and pointless novelty.